These Aukey VR glasses are great fun!

These Aukey VR glasses are the most fun you can have without leaving the comfort of your own livingroom! IMG_20160831_172757My first experience with a VR headset was during the launch of a certain phone manufacturer. They did the job, I had nothing to compare them to and they were mediocre at best for quality. My eyes were opened, so to speak, with this Aukey set. They are comfortable, lightweight and fit snugly against my face. Set up is easy with the optical width adjustment and focal length adjustment. I tested the headset with a Oneplus 3 mobile device with a 5.5” display and the phone secured in the spring loaded holder easily. 71ydgf95rwl-_sl256_The only issue I had in my case was when I clipped the phone in the holder contacted right at the power button and rebooted my phone. Again, in my case, I just put my phone back in its case which made the buttons flush or there are some foam bumper pads included with the headset that would keep the device holder away from power and volume buttons. Once the phone is installed, the magnetic closure on the front of the case makes it quick and easy to get the headset closed and on your head before the VR video is over. 71d8jmnwxl-_sl256_I suppose it will depend on the resolution of your phone screen, but on my device the picture was clear and not pixelated at all. I found it necessary to make some minor adjustments of the focus at the beginning of each new clip but it is so quick and easy it was no big deal. Also, with my particular device, there was virtually no black border while viewing VR clips.

This headset is great fun and adds a lot of value to a reasonably priced VR setup. I highly recommend giving this one a try!

Product Overview:

  • Immersive: Experience Phenomenal VR with High-Definition Optical Resin lenses.
  • Stunning: Bring VR content to life. Full 360° panoramic view and wide viewing angle for high-impact visuals.
  • Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and comfortable – Fully adjustable headband straps for secure fit, reducing pressure and fatigue on your face.
  • Customizable: Minimal setup, insert your smartphone and personalize your viewing experience with fine-tuning PD/FD adjustment controls.
  • Package Contents: AUKEY VISION VR Headset, Cleaning Cloth, 24 Month Warranty, User Manual

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