Bright and Energy Saving Lights

Wow! These are super bright. I received the 8 and the 20 LED sizes to provide night lighting on the back deck and the alley between houses. 0_IMG_20160831_170355[1]I am grouping their reviews together as they are the same other than size and LED count. I have to say, I was a little surprised how small these lights were when they arrived. I didn’t have very high hopes for them at first. Was I ever mistaken. I received them in the morning, left them outdoors in indirect sun for the afternoon and at dusk went out to test them. As soon as I got within 15 or 20 feet of the motion detector on the 20 LED light, it illuminated. Is it ever nice and bright. They both illuminate a large area. Just perfect to make the long narrow alley between houses a little safer at night when walking the dog. 0_IMG_20160831_204556[1]I have the smaller 8 LED count light now mounted above my garage so when I come home late the driveway is nice and bright without having to go in the house and fumble for a light switch. The motion detectors seem just right to turn them on at a fair distance. The solar panels are a real bonus as I was able to mount them myself without the hassle of wires and switches. I have them both mounted in indirect sunlight and they have been working reliably every night. They automatically shut off within seconds after motion stops. The construction is a medium heavy plastic that seems durable. There is a 3 position switch on the back of the light to switch between high constant light in dark conditions, dim constant light during dark conditions and motion detection light that illuminates when it detects movement in dark conditions.
I am considering putting one of these inside my garage for when I back my car in at night.
They are so easy to install with the included mounting hardware and seem to work reliably. If you are looking for compact, hassle free and bright lighting, these are perfect for you. I highly recommend them.

Product Overview:

  • Three Intelligent Modes : Strong Long Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode, Strong Light Sensor Mode. Choose the perfect mode for yourself !
  • Updated Solar Panel : We update the solar panel power,thus getting faster battery charging in less sunshine environment.
  • Brighter LED Lights : Mpow Lights now have 20 big LED lights ,which is far more brighter than previous version.
  • Greater Sensor Ball Head: Compared to other similar lights, the sensor ball head of Mpow Light gets bigger and more powerful so as to have a longer sensor length of 10-26 feet (Note: The sensor length will be affected by the temperature of environment, especially in winter!)
  • Better Waterproof Level: This Mpow LED light now get two layers, tightly-sealed loop in order to be more weatherproof.

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