One of those small but mighty products.

If you’re like me living in a world of technology, you too have miles of cable lying on the floors and baseboards of your house. 0_IMG_20160831_171216With a couple of packs of these cable organizers you can easily and neatly route all of your cables along the baseboards or along your furniture or even across a TV cabinet. I was really impressed by the quality of these clips. Cable management products tend to be rigid plastic and very difficult to get wires into. That’s not the case with these. They are a very soft rubber that makes cable installation a breeze. The 3M adhesive tape on the back sticks very well if your surfaces are clean and dry. 0_IMG_20160831_170928To make my installation look very tidy, I ended up using one clip every 2 feet which kept everything nice and straight. I wasn’t crazy about the pink when I first saw them but my daughter was and snatched them up quickly for her room.

I really liked these great little clips.

Product Overview:

  • AUTHENTIC 3M adhesive means these won’t fall off like other brands
  • GOOD FOR ALL SURFACES, EASY PEEL AND STICK. Works with plastic, wood, glass, metal and more. Only a few seconds to peel and stick your cable clip for immediate use, no tools needed.
  • KEEP YOUR DESK CLEAN AND ORGANIZED. Tired of all those messy cables? These cable clips will solve your problem and will make sure that your cables are organized and easy accessible for when you need them.
  • WHEN YOU ORDER TODAY, you’re protected by a 30 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and top class customer service!!
  • FAST and RELIABLE shipping from Canada

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