Your phone can be off the grid!

I was really surprised by the power and versatility of the Aukey 12000mAh charger. aukey-solar-batteryThe unit comes wrapped in a rugged housing that has stood up well to the backyard and trail use I have thrown at it. The charging and output ports are covered by a removable rubberized cap to keep out dust and moisture. The unit charges my Oneplus 3 in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. This is a great charge time! I can get 2 if not 3 charges before recharging the unit. The built in flashlight is great for camping or evening activities.
The unit charges surprisingly fast in indirect light. I try not to charge it in full sun as I don’t want it to heat up too much. The Aukey solar unit has opened up a world of indepeimg_20161001_0841281ndence for me making it easy to keep my devices charged when I have no access to household wall outlets. I’m not sure how I have done without it for so long. Thanks Aukey! I highly recommend this product or any similar units from this manufacturer.

Product Overview:

  • Charges via SunPower solar panel with power conversion efficiency of up to 23.5% or via Micro-USB input which mean it is 30% higher than the transformation of other solar panel
  • High Capacity: Built-in 12000mAh high capacity lithium battery and premium microchips with over 500 battery charge cycles. Enough power to charge an iPhone 6s up to 4.5 times
  • Resistance to rain-splash design ensures device function well when you have a rest on riverside
  • The efficiency of energy transformation from solar to electric energy is limited, even with the world’s best SUNPOWER Solar Panel. It is highly recommended to fully charge your solar charger via wall charger or USB cable
  • Package Contents: AUKEY PB-P8 12000mAh Dual Port Solar Charger, 3.3ft Micro-USB Cable, User Manual and Warranty Card

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