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The Aukey Solar Panel, as usual, arrived extremely quick and was well packaged. The unit itself comes as 3 panel banks covered with a very durable and rigid canvas type material.71bvr12u2sl-_sl1600_ The cover has a built in panels that fold out to become a support leg to keep the panel upright and facing the sun. The entire unit also has ample tie loops and velcro closures to keep you portable and the solar collectors well protected. There is a nice mesh pouch that contains the power outlets and has some nice soft elastic straps that will hold several devices and some extra charge cords while charging. I had the panel out during my first day in moderate sunlight and it was showing 5.25V at the outlet port. I was able to charge a 3200mAh and a 3000mAh phone plugged in at the same time in just short of 2 hours. They were not quite at 0%, but it was the better part of a full charge. 715i0wf8wzl-_sl1600_As far as I am concerned it was about the same as having the phones plugged in indoors to a regular charger. If you’re looking from freedom from wall charging anywhere you go where you can get sunlight, this is just the perfect product. The panels are big enough to provide ample output while the footprint and weight are perfect for beach tripping or backpacking.

I am very impressed with the design and quality.

Product Overview:

  • High Quality: PET Laminated Solar Panels with High-Wear PVC Fabric, Ensures Waterproof and Weather-Resistant Durability.
  • High Efficiency Version: Built with SUNPOWER Solar Arrays, Solar Conversion Efficiency Up to 23.5%, While Most Panels in the Market Are Only 15%.
  • Exclusive Fast Charging Technology: Automatically Detect the Max charging current and Voltage for your Devices, Fastest Possible Charging Speed Up to 2 Amps Per Port or 4 Amps Overall Under Direct Sunlight.
  • Fold-able Design for Easy Carry and Transport, Water Resistant to Endure All Weather Conditions, Great for Nature Trips,Hiking, Picnic, Sailing or Other Outdoor Activities ( Water Resistant for the Main Body of the Panel, Not Including the USB Output Ports ).
  • Package Content: AUKEY PB-P2 20W Solar Charging Panel, 4 Hooks, Instruction Manual, 24 Months Worry-free Warranty.

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