No more string light hassles!

Gone forever is the hassle of hanging lights for the holiday season with this little beauty. 0_img_20160908_1721361I absolutely hate climbing a ladder in the winter time to install decorations. I already have the decorative laser light installed in my front flower bed shining on the house where there is already a power supply for the summer decorative lights. When the holiday season comes all I have to do is turn it on and enjoy. No more cold weather fumbling, ladders and tangled light strings for me. Our house is an average style 3 bedroom home and with the light installed about 20 feet from the house at an angle there is plenty of coverage. It is a shower of colour for sure. The light unit is a durable finish with a good quality lens. There is a ground on the plug which is important for outdoor use. 0_img_20160908_2008031I have it plugged into an existing GFI for added peace of mind. There is a weatherproof push button on the back of the unit that cycles through different colour combinations and speeds. It is a little confusing at times which sequence you are on as there is no indicator. There is a garden peg and a flat base for mounting to a solid surface included. It only operates when darkness is sensed and a timer shuts it off after 6 hours of use. These are great features that are built in and work as described by the manufacturer.

Overall, these are great units. Mine performed like a champ and will save me time and effort to get ready for the holiday season. I highly recommend this light.

Product Overview:

  • Safe Decorative Garden Light.The garden light approved by FDA,ETL and CE, you can rest assured to use it to decorate your garden trees,yard,swimming pool for Christmas.It is a perfect ornament for Christmas and other holiday or celebration days
  • 10 Light Modes and Wider Light Coverage.One button to control 10 light modes of static or blinking effects and multiple color choices of red only,green only,or both green and red.Wider coverage up to 5218 square feet of light at the distance of 50 feet
  • Weather-resistant.With IP65 waterproof protection,it can be used outdoors even in rainy or snowy days.Working temperature range from -30°C( -22°F) to 35°C( 95°F).ATTETION:The power plug or adapter is not water-proof. Please keep it from water
  • Outdoor or Indoor Use.Two Installation Methods.The stake is used for outdoor and can be inserted into outdoor places such as lawn or garden.The stand base is used for indoor and can be placed under indoor Christmas tree .The cable is 9.8 feet long and long enough for outdoor or indoor use
  • Built-in Light Sensor and Timer.being built-in light sensor,the light will light up at dusk automatically if it is turned on.With timer function it will enter into sleep mode for 18 hours after 6 hours of continuous working.It extends the light lifespan and saves your electric bill

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