Save time and be healthy

Who says good health needs to be a lot of work? img_20160927_182705With today’s busy lives, nobody wants to spend extra time in the kitchen. The Patec premium quality slicer is a real time and effort saver.
The razor sharp slicing blade made short work of potatoes, carrots, onions and lemons. I was even able to make short work of small radishes. These have all been problematic for me in the past. The easy to change switchable platforms make it possible to slice thick or micro thin. The julienne cutting guide made picture perfect oven fries. The non slip feet kept the slicer firmly in place on the counter through all my slicing.

img_20160927_164125I am always paranoid about cutting my fingers on any mandolin or slicer. I felt comfortable with my hand protected behind the safety guide that held on to any vegetable I sliced….even lemons and peppers! The Patec slicer was easy to clean and constructed from a high quality plastic. Hot water and a little dish soap and it looked like new. The cutting guides stow away neatly in a special holder that is included. This keeps them from getting lost and prevents you from cutting yourself on the julienne blades.

This kitchen utensil has great overall quality and value. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to save kitchen time and effort.

Product Overview:

  • 5 DIFFERENT STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: Comes with 5 different slicing options, providing various cutting styles and thickness
  • A HUGE TIME SAVER: The food slicer saves the food preparing time in a half, making the preparing process so much easier and faster than using the knife
  • EASY TO INSTALL & ORGANIZE: A blade inserting storage caddy, keeping everything safe and organized
  • PERFECT PROTECTION FOR YOUR FINGERS: The slicing guard has long and short spikes to grip the food, offering a fully protection for your fingers
  • EVA NON-SLIP BASE: It keeps the vegetable slicer not easily moving around throughout the food prepare process

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