Household power….on the road

Have you ever been on a road trip and wished you could bring along some of those creature comforts from home but never had a place to plug them in? img_20160922_163827Well, Aukey has once again come up with the answer to that. This inverter converts your car voltage to regular household current to use virtually any household plug in product. The 300W capacity has plenty of power to drive your laptop or gaming console in your car or RV. You need to keep an eye on what the device you have plugged in draws to ensure you won’t trip the built in circuit protection. Most electrical devices indicate what they draw for power so it is easy to stay within its capacity. The Aukey inverter also has 2 USB power ports for charging your favorite device.

img_20160922_163728It just doesn’t get any more handy than that. There are two terminals to attach the power supply to the inverter which then can either connect to the battery directly or through the lighter socket. I had my desk lamp and laptop plugged in to the inverter for over 4 hours during testing and there were no signs of heating or power fluctuation during use. There is a convenient on/off switch for disconnecting device power when not in use. The unit is constructed of a high grade aluminum for heat dissipation and durability.

Product Overview:

  • Power up laptops, DVDs, Monitors, Gaming consoles, and other electrical appliances inside your car with AUKEY 300W Power Inverter
  • 2x grounded AC outlet for computer, electrical appliances and tools; 2x USB ports for smartphone, tablets, GPS and other USB powered devices
  • Easy to connect: plugs into your car cigarette lighter, fuse panel or directly to your car battery, built-in short circuit and overload protection to safeguard your devices
  • Compact size and lightweight, ideal for use on the road, at campsites, remote job sites or anywhere that power is needed
  • Package Content: AUKEY PA-V2 Car Power Inverter, Cigarette Lighter Cable, Car Battery Clipper, User Manual, 24 Month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service

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