Wine and cheese anyone?

Wine and cheese anyone? If you’re like me and serve cheese on a regular basis for company, you are going to love these Kealive knives. The cheese cutting knife has a razor sharp edge and made short work of hard block cheeses and processed cheeses alike. img_20160929_1756351I was surprised. Usually cheese knife sets tend to be low quality materials that won’t hold an edge, but that is not the case with these at all. The pate knife has a good quality feel to it. The parm wedge and the fork also get the job done right. The stainless handles are flat on one side and sit well on my cheese board without rolling around. I really like the one piece construction so I don’t have to worry about the handles coming off or water getting inside when they are in dishwater. They have a matte finish that cleans easily. The weight feels good in hand when cutting cheese. I am very satisfied with this set and am confident they will last for years to come.
I highly recommend the Kealive Cheese Knives Set.

Product Overview:

  • STAINLESS STEEL: The blades of all cheese knives are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to the stickiness of cheese, and easily slices hard and soft cheese
  • FOR SOFT CHEESE: The sharp serrated edge and holes in the blade helps to prevent the cheese from sticking to it, perfect for stickiness of soft cheeses. The ridge of the cheese knives helps separate the cheese as it is being sliced. The forked end is used for serving slices of cheese. Rounded and tapered handle fit for gripping comfortably
  • FOR HARD CHEESE: The cheese slicer is used usually to cut semi-hard and hard cheeses. Its tough blade will not be damaged by the hard cheese. It can be also used for slicing cold butter, zucchini, cucumber or cabbage
  • COMES WITH A FORK: Cheese knives set also includes a fork for serving cheese
  • NECESSARY TOOL IN KITCHEN: The cheese knife set also can be used for cutting other sticky foods, such as cakes, eggs, and pies, or other vegetables and fruits like potatoes and tomatoes

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